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    Quote Originally Posted by jennylovskt View Post
    Here is the result from GPF FS:

    1 Evan LYSACEK 159.60 75.60 84.00 8.40 8.10 8.50 8.55 8.45 0.00 #5
    2 Jeremy ABBOTT 158.73 82.13 77.60 7.75 7.60 7.75 7.65 8.05 1.00 #2

    Please help me out. It seems to me that Evan is milking it for every possible point. The maximum he milked was TES 75.60. But Jeremy got TES 82.13. How did Evan milk it for PCS 84.00?

    I agree. Evan didn't necessarily milk the system at this event; it looks more like he was the beneficiary of reputation scoring (I realize that this is NOT Evan's fault, and he is NOT the only one to benefit from such). But I sincerely doubt that he would have received such generous PCS if he wasn't a) the reigning world champion and b) the #1 American man.

    Before we all decry's not like everything was rosy under 6.0 either. For example--I never quite understood how Tim Goebel got the Presentation scores he did. For a more specific example, poor Sasha Abt at 2002 Euros was totally robbed in the Presentation scores by a clearly flawed and underperforming Yagudin despite the fact that Sasha was absolutely amazing in the LP and (rightfully) won the Technical score--but no way were the judges going to give the gold to the #3 Russian with no major titles to the multi-World Champion #1 Russian.

    To me, this tells me that the PCS are used like the Presentation scores under 6.0--those handy scores that can prop up a favourite, as placeholders. But the question is, can this ever be changed under any system? Can we ever eliminate that element of favouritism (or reputation scoring), especially in a clearly subjective sport like figure skating?

    CoP has its flaws, certainly, but I don't think it has destroyed artistry or increased reputation scoring any more than 6.0 did. In 6.0, after all--if you could jump and you were an established name, that would pretty much ensure you presentation marks in the high 5s no matter what you put on the ice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    Sometimes as fans we have to look at our favorites' scores and admit that much as we enjoy their skating, much as we think they're great, that was excessive. This was excessive. Period. It has nothing to do with Evan's work ethic or with his commitment to skating. It's not a reflection on his character.
    I mean, I love Yagudin but he should NOT have won the 2002 Euros. And his "One Banana" EX is STILL absolute crap, no matter how wonderful his other programs were
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