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I expected Kim to lose (and hoped she would because Orser claims she thrives off loss -- as evident in last year's GPF loss and subsequent 4CC and WC wins). I prefer it this way, though . I'd hate to see her lose and the media have a heyday. This Japanese article was already claiming she "lost her throne" after the "sub-par" SP (but PLEASE it may have been sub-par by Kim's standards, but it was still decent. She's human too).

I'm just glad Kim successfully jumped that 3F! It used to be one of her most scintillating jumps (in the 3F-3T combo). I don't know what in the world is happening to her. Her gorgeous jumps -- often executed with textbook precision, that is, delayed and with ice coverage and height -- are becoming tentative (like someone already said). I'm hating these DGs, "e"s and "!"s. They're cutting into the poor girl's confidence. Goal #1 for the Kim Dream Team: CONFIDENCE BUILDING! Yu-Na, no matter what other people say, you are the reigning world champion with superhuman abilities, the Queen everyone can't stop talking about!

Amazing performance by Akiko. She's now one step closer to making it into Team Japan. Miki has a place bagged. Asada definitely does (regardless of what JFS criteria are, the Fed WILL find a way to get her in ). Too bad about Akiko's PCS. I feel awful for her, but hey this performance will help raise it in time for the Olympics!

Miki showed her home crowd that she's READY! Hope to see the 3-3 (or the quad!) in the Olympics.
I'm glad that Yu-Na still won, because I'm her fan, but I think a close win achieves what a loss would have, and then some. It tells her that other competitors will capitalise on her mistakes if she has any and that she must work very hard before Vancouver to rectify them (and this is something that a loss would have told her), and secondly, that she can still produce gutsy performances and produce a solid peformance when the chips are down.

I definitely think that Suzuki deserves an Olympic spot, but I guess it depends on the Japanese nationals.