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Yeah, a medal contender that can't seem to crack 115 in the FS this year (aside from that one cheesefest in Japan).
:boohoo: :boohoo:

Why is 115 the cut-off? And why only consider the FS? Oh, because American Flatt has 116 in the FS this season?

How about we look at the ladies who cracked 190 in the total score for any competition within the past year. Oh, look at that, Joannie's one of them (without being on home turf to boot.)

Boo-hoo, no wonder you have to make a "point" against her and then immediately throw out an exception that disqualifies it. Because we all know a figure skating competition in Japan doesn't count, and there's no way that her Free Skate would have garnered that many points elsewhere, right? RIGHT?