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Obviously Stéphane did not need to pull out all the stops (3A, triple-triple combo) to win Swiss Nats. He is so clearly the class of that competition. But what he showed worries me. These were his jumps according to a forum report-2А, 4T, 3Lutz , 3Loop, 3Т, 3F+2Т, 2А, 3S+2Т. He was low on the quad and had trouble with the landings on both the lutz and the loop. I hope he will be to ramp up the technical content because I don't think he will be on the podium at Euros or Olys with this.
I wouldn't be too worried yet. Now, if this happens at Euros, then yes, he definitely would need to get his act together. Steph is wisely saving himself for when he needs to deliver magnificent programs, like at Europeans and Worlds. He has always kind of phoned in his performances at Nationals because there is just no one else in his country who can put up a challenge to him. It's more like a dress rehearsal/practice run-through of the program for him at his national championships.