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    Japanese Nationals (senior)

    All Japan Figure Skating Championships Dec. 25-27

    Announcement (for skaters):

    Time Schedule (Japanese Standard Time):

    Entries and Results: (Engilsh version, this will come late.)

    Men entries:
    skating order and results:

    Ladies entries:
    skating order and results:

    Pairs entry:

    Ice Dance entries:
    skating order and results:

    Practice time schedule:

    Fuji-TV website for this Nats:

    This will be the final competition by which the JSF will determine who to send to the ISU Championships and the Olympic Games.
    It will be announced about an hour after the Ladies' podium ceremony, from 21:00 JST.

    The criteria of JSF in sending skaters to Olympics and Worlds:
    Quote Originally Posted by sorcerer View Post
    1. the skater reaching the highest among the Japanese on the GPF podium (not off the podium) of each discipline, this under the condition that the skater competes in the Nationals.
    <Miki and Nobu already locked, unless they pull pull out of Nats>

    2. the winner of the Japanese Nationals.
    <If Miki and/or Nobu wins the Nats, it will be criterion #3 below applied to the 2nd place finisher, no automatic slot for him/her.>

    3. selected from
    (A) the podium finishers at Nationals,
    (B) GP Finalists, and
    (C) the top three Japanese ISU rankers at the time of Nationals;
    determined under thorough considerations.

    It says this criterion "3" in particular is primarily for Oly Games and that the slot(s) for the Worlds determined by this "3" might differ from the Olys, which is to give chances to runner ups.

    Akiko Suzuki already satisfies 3(B) and 3(C) so she is at the moment the closest to the Oly games aside from Miki in this system, literal-wise.

    But of course Mao who satisfies 3(C) and who happens to have a god chance for the automatic criterion "2" is the strongest bet among those chasing the 2 slots left for the Japanese ladies.

    If Miki/Nobu wins Nats, the other 2 ladies/men sent to Worlds will possibly be different from those sent to Olys, especially the ladies.
    The selection for 4CC:
    JSF is to send questionnaire to the following skaters asking if they wish to participate or not in the 4CC.
    Men: Oda, Kozuka, Takahashi, Mura, Nanri, Nakaniwa, Murakami, Shibata, Saito, Sasaki, Machida, Ohgami, Yoshida.
    Ladies: Asada, Ando, Nakano, Suguri, Suzuki, Takeda, Kokubun, Hagiwara, Obara, Muramoto (Satsuki), Gotoh, Sawada.
    Pair: Takahashi/Tran
    Ice Dance: Reed/Reed, Hirai/Mizutani

    Among those who wish to go, the JSF will in principle pick the skaters from the highest finishers in the Nats downward, however they will also take into account how they skated here, as well as how they did this season in the international games, and also the blance of skaters' opportunities.

    Gala "Medalists on Ice" Dec. 28
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