Well, I can't find the results but I was at the Spanish Nats this weekend, I recorded some of the programs

Javier Fernandez LP

Sonia Lafuente LP

Javier Raya LP

Antolin/Fenero FD

Hurtado/Diaz FD

Lafuente and Fernandez were the only competitors in their category (senior). Javier Raya won the Junior men's title, as Celia Robledo did in the ladies field. Hurtado/Diaz won in Junior Ice dancing over some french couples and the other spanish ice dancing team, Antolin and Fenero.

About the programs, Javier Fernandez has changed his SP, if I'm not wrong, now he's performing "the mexican" (his previous SP was "Mission impossible") and I couldn't watch the program, so I can't tell you more, I just know that his 3toe-3toe combo wasn't very clean, and the rest of the program was pretty good.
In the LP he did an amazingly clean quad in the warm-up and a huge 3axel, but in the competition he landed both jumps with some problems, singled the second 3axel and another jump.
in the gala he landed a quad and in the finale, landed a 3axel after this position:
People just loves his Pirates' LP

Sonia Lafuente did a good job in the SP, but also struggled a bit in the LP. Her flamenco program is nice, but she needs more jump consistency.
Javier Raya is as elegant as always, but his R&J music is a bit repetitive, IMO. After a really clean SP, had some mistakes in the LP, anyway, he could win the junior title without problems. He's training the 3axel, but he didn't try it in the competition because it's not enough consistent for him.

There were some other skaters from the Italian and French fed, and one of the French girls won the Junior Ladies title, after a perfect LP, she got a standing ovation, but I can't remember her name

As for the Ice dancing I liked a lot Hurtado/Diaz, their FD is great, and their gala program, very interesting :P