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Great fancams by os168 which really reveal Yuna's coverage and speed across the ice: SP and LP

What do you guys think she could get better at later in the season, ultimately, by Worlds?

- I think the spiral was really off the balance, giving it a bad positioning and unsteady edge in all that.
- She stretches much better in her layback spins WOW.
- One more thing I've positively noticed is that she now puts some more transitions going into solo flip and lutz, a little step into flip like SP and back spiral into lutz-which she didn't do even in her Gershwin LP, the one considered as the most difficult program. So that makes 3lz-3t only jumping pass that she doesn't give extra touch.
- What about step sequences? I'd say they were unusual ones coming from Yuna, in both good ways and bad ways. There were some interesting moves, flowing into both directions with speed, and it showed that she was using her power and speed to better utilize her edges. But, they seemed a bit slower and less dynamic from her standards and she had some mishaps.
- Yeah, her spiral was not good, slower and less stretched than before
- I noticed that her lackback position has improved! Finally!! Her new spins were wonderful
- Agree that she put some more transitions going into 3F and 3Lz! Hope judges more reward her effort, they all deserve huge GOE!
- As for the steps, I liked her footwork in LP. Not fast or dynamic, but it suits the music very well. Her movements are in the great harmony with the music. Didn't like the step sequence in SP, though. It's longer than her usual footwork, but not that interesting, IMO. She stumbled and wobbled several times. I hope Daivd will rework and polish the steps before Worlds.
- There is some room for improvement and work to be done, but her new programs are great! Her LP can be a masterpiece!