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Thanks so much Phoenix347! Although it's hypothetical, I enjoy your analysis so much. It's interesting that even after giving GOE and PCS boosts, Joannie and Miki can score the same or even better than Mao. I somehow hope that Mao's coaching staff could see this. Yes, triple axels make history, but is it as good as an OGM which can define your whole career...

But I bet many teams do this sort of thing already though. I wish I were as knowledgeable about the system as you are!
I think the focus on triple axels is also influenced by the Japanese media. From the interviews with Mao, it seems to be main thing everyone is interested is if she can land her 3As. This also goes back to Midori Ito who is known for landing the first 3A in competition. Ito is Mao's idol, so it's natural that Mao wants to follow her idol's footsteps in breaking a record. Also, Mao kinda became famous for being a young skater that can land 3As, so it's understandable that she is frustrated that she is having problems with something that kinda distinguished her among others in the past. This is my guess but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mao's team probably only concentrate on Yuna so that's why they may overlook the potential scores of the other competitors. I think this works vice versa. Although Yuna says there are other competitors, she knows her biggest rival is Mao because the last time she lost was to Mao and you bet Yuna remembers that.