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Thread: Upcoming Send-Off Shows

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    Act IV. Will the skaters please take the ice for a five minute warm-up period. Will Alissa please look like a million dollars.. Will Jeremy please nail a couple of giant triple Axels. Will Meryl and Charlie please look like the King and Queen hosting the Grand Ball at the Enchanted Castle. Thank you.

    Since the videos are now up (thanks to MisticChic ), I won’t give a detailed list of elements, just my overall impression as a spectator.

    Weaver and Poje. Phantom of the Opera. She in white, he in black and white, appropriately sinister (not Sergei Sakhnovshy sinister, but still…). Smooth and delightful, they used every note of the music (of the night. )

    Laura Lepzinski and Ethan Burgess OK, I have a new candidate for most beautiful lady in skating. Gorgeous couple. She is stunning and he squires her to perfection. Guitar version of Bolero.Two falls, but who cares about minor details like that?

    Question: How is "Lepzinski" pronounced? Is the z silent so that it sounds exactly like Lipinski?

    Jeremy Abbott Big applause. This is Jeremy’s first season with the Detroit Skating Club (coached by Yuka Sato ) He has been warmly embraced by the other skaters and fans. He did his bluesy jazz SP. Pretty much perfect. 3Lz/3T. big 3A, sit combo spin, 3F (+ GOE), camel combo spin with about five changes of position. Excellent.

    Alissa Czisny Dr. Zhivago LP, purple dress. Looked relaxed and confident skating before a supportive home crowd. I couldn’t see every jump properly, but other reporters listed 3Lz+2T+2T (I gave +1 GOE), 3F (satisfactory, less flow out of landing, possibly UR), 3Lo (her best of the season!), 2A+2A sequence (+1 GOE), 3Lz (step out, -1 GOE), 3T+2T, 3T. Outstanding combo spins, level four spiral (Charlotte to forward to back, +2 GOE). Pretty good speed.

    Smile = +3 GOE. She has every right to be pleased with this performance. Together with a solid short, she could win Nationals with this performance. At least four solid no-questions-asked triples (out of 6 attempted). I will be rooting for her.

    Davis and White Nutcracker exhibition number from last year. She in a flowing gown, he resplendent in full coat and tails. Total command of the ice. To me, they were particularly impressive in the way their bodies moved together in subtle ways while in hold. Gold medal performance.

    Evolution Reprise of the senior synchro team, which will be competing in the National synchro championships in Minneapolis in March. They were fifth last year. Worlds is in Colorado Springs in April. Skated to Jai Ho medley.
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