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Thread: MK Phantom Blades

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    MK Phantom Blades

    My daughter has been skating on Pattern 99 blades for at least 2 years. I have an oportunity to buy a new set of MK Phantom baldes for $200. With money being tight right now I am thinking of taking the blades but I am worried that they may be so different as to affect her skating. I would hate to have her falling on her jumps and having a hard time with spinning of footwork just to save $260.

    The difference I can see is that the 99s have a 8 ft radius and the phantoms have a 7 ft radius. I am not sure the advantages and disadvantages of the steeper curve in the phantoms.


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    Phantoms have a more forgiving sweet spot for spins, P99s have better run.due to more contact with the ice. I have been in Phantoms for quite a while and lov,e love, love them - big toe pick, stronger spins, etc. One thing you could see is if these are 1/4" longer, they could be "equivalent" to the P99s in terms of run.

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    Even though the Phantoms have a 7' radius (i.e., a slightly "rounder" blade overall), the profile of the Phantom and Pattern 99 (i.e., the shape of the rocker) is the same, so the adjustment shouldn't be that great on jump takeoffs or spins.

    Going from 8' rocker Pattern 99's to 8' rocker Gold Seals would be a bigger adjustment, since the Gold Seal has a different profile.

    Just remember, switching from any used blade to a brand new blade will require adjustment because the new rocker has not been flattened by sharpenings and will feel rounder.
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