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I don't have anything against Finland I just don't think their placements will add up to 13 or less just considering the technical difficulty of Laura and Kiira's programs and their tendencies to pop and double jumps. If Laura podiums then it could potentially happen, but Kiira I think will either be just in or just out of the top 10.

Kwak's skating got her 13th place at the Olympics and she had a few mistakes, so I figure with no Joannie 12th place is quite plausible if she skates well. Her PCS will also likely be a bit higher here because they increased between 4CC and the Olympics. Also if you take her score from either 4CC or the Olympics, both would put her in 12th place right behind Alissa Czisny at last years worlds results. Plus she's been working with Orser so he might've been able to help her out a bit .

I don't like Miki's programs either but the judges normally give her good scores and if Nagasu and Flatt get dinged for URs Miki will likely be above them.

Samson I don't think will crack the top 10, I don't even think Cynthia will and Cynthia is a better skater than Samson, who also has little international reputation.
argh!! It would be SO frustrating if Rachael and Mirai are clean but miss the combined 13 because of UR calls.