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Thread: My hubby got us tickets to BK 2nd last performance!

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    My hubby got us tickets to BK 2nd last performance!

    I'm not one to say where I live on the internet, but we live in Peterborough Ontario, home of BK's second last performance. PTBO is a little burg of 70,000 about 90 minutes so northeast of Toronto. There is an active recreational skating community here, but we are really a small sleepy town on the edge of urbania.

    However, since we are between TO, Montreal and Ottawa, we usually get all the small ice shows that come through (not SOI: have to go to Toronto to see that). Often we get the highlights of Mariposa (Takeshi H, Jennifer R, Jeffery B, Ben F, Josee C) and other folks that live in TO/Southern Ontario and train elsewhere (Emmanuel S, Brian O, Kurt).

    Unfortunately I had to go to Acapulco on business on very short notice so we discussed would we go to the Christmas ice show since it seemed it was going to be a Kurt B-BrianO-JoseeC-BK tour. We agreed we should.

    While I was there, it was announced that that show would be BK's second last event.

    My wonderful husband went back to the arena when the best block of seats came on sale, stood in line for 90 minutes in the wet just-above-freezing cold to get three "club seats" (best in the house, four rows back) for us (and my Mom).

    Now that is love.

    He is a keeper!


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    Lucky...I wish I could go see them one last time
    Have fun!

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    My hubby got us tickets to BK 2nd last

    How thrilling! I wish I could go. I hope they do Riverdance one more time.

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    Lucky you!
    You must have your husband well trained.

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