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Thread: Fun with Numbers: Junior & Novice

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    Fun with Numbers: Junior & Novice

    I've compiled age tables and scores so far this season for the Junior and Novice singles and pair teams (more to come):

    Junior Men

    Junior Ladies

    Junior Pairs

    Junior Dance

    Novice Qualifiers (all disciplines)
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    Thank you so much for this!!

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    Thanks Sylvia! I copied this onto a word format and editied it for the info I need for my notebook at the nationals.


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    For Novice, I have skated with Gracie Gold and she has gone from good to amazing in a really short time. From UGL to Mids, she got control of all her triples through 3Lz (and I mean ALL). She jumps big and has an it factor on the ice. It also helps that she's very attractive. GO GRACIE

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    I never knew that Oltmans and Broderick split. Didn't they do a developmental (I think Quebec) this summer?

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