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    Online Broadcast will have on-demand coverage of the 2010 European Championships, Jan 19-23.

    Please find the below schedule, but also note that these are the EARLIEST times that the coverage will be provided, but most likely it will be archived at a later time that day (making it same delay, on demand coverage):

    Jan 19- Pairs Short: 12:20PM-4:05PM ET

    Jan 20- Men's Short (Part 1): 4:00AM-7:00AM ET
    - Men's Short (Part 2): 12:20PM- 4:05PM ET
    - Pairs Free & Awards: 1:30PM- 4:25PM ET

    Jan 21- Ice Dance: 6:00AM-10:20AM ET
    - Men's Free & Awards : 1:15PM- 4:25PM ET

    Jan 22- Ladies Short (Part 1): 3:00AM-6:15AM ET
    - Ladies Short (Part 2): 6:35AM- 9:55AM ET
    - Ice Dance Free & Awards: 1:00PM-3:40PM ET

    Jan 23- Ladies Free & Awards: 8:00AM-11:05AM ET

    ** Archived video available here

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    ^^Thanks for the info.

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    But, do not exist a streaming live? I don't live in US, i live in Brazil but i should like watch live. The tv turkey not broadcasting?

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    You should be able to watch the online broadcast via the station responsible for the actual television broadcast, Estonian Television. The entire coverage is shared between two of the networks channels, ETV and ETV 2, so keep track of that in the schedule.

    The link is:

    For ETV click on "Vaata ETV otseülekannet"

    For ETV 2 click on "ETV 2 otseülekanne"

    The stream links for either channel are respectively:


    I don't really know what difference it makes- as far as I can tell if you use the stream link there are no menu buttons, which isn't actually as convenient because you will have to switch between the two channels very often.

    But anywayz, here is the schedule, NB! the times given are local, you'll have to convert them according to your time-zone:

    Tu. jan. 19.

    13:20-17:15 Ice Dance CD (on ETV)

    18:45-19:05 Opening Ceremony (on ETV)

    19:50-21:30 Pairs SP (on ETV 2)

    21:30-23:00 Pairs SP (on ETV)

    We. jan. 20.

    10:50-14:00 Mens SP (on ETV)

    14:25-17:30 Mens SP (on ETV)

    18:50-19:20 Pairs FS (on ETV 2)

    19:50-21:30 Pairs FS (on ETV 2)

    21:30-23:15 Pairs FS (on ETV)

    Th. jan 21.

    12:50-17:25 Ice Dance OD (on ETV)

    18:35-19:20 Mens FS (on ETV 2)

    19:50-21:30 Mens FS (on ETV 2)

    21:30-23:25 Mens FS (on ETV)

    Fr. jan. 22.

    09:50-13:15 Ladies SP (on ETV)

    13:35-17:00 Ladies SP (on ETV)

    18:30-19:20 Ice Dance FD (on ETV 2)

    19:50-21:00 Ice Dance FD (on ETV)

    21:00-21:30 Ice Dance FD (on ETV 2)

    21:30-22.25 Ice Dance FD (on ETV)

    Sat. jan. 23.

    13:20-14:20 Ladies FS (on ETV 2)

    15:10-17:55 Ladies FS (on ETV)

    Sun. jan. 24.

    15:20-18:00 Gala (on ETV)

    Ok then, enjoy =)
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    What time zone are these times in please? Is this Estonian time?

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    Yes it is Estonian time.

    Here's a link to a converter:
    What time it is it in Tallinn, Estonia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juli® View Post
    But, do not exist a streaming live? I don't live in US, i live in Brazil but i should like watch live. The tv turkey not broadcasting?
    I put up the details on the thread named Eursoport on this page.

    Thanks for the ETV details! I'll try to catch the live men's SP from there.

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    Wow etv is great - clear streaming

    How is that I can sit in Canada watch European streaming and can't watch US networks (NBC) and the US viewers cant access CBC on line in Canada, which is a public broadcasting. I've tried both in both countries and it doesn't work. Weird. Europeans have this figured out.

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    I see the skate with this

    I believe that is´t the same that first link but this work for me and the first not...

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