Here's an article on the US men and how they are much more of a presence internationally than the American ladies are right now. Some quotes:

Jeremy Abbott:
Our depth is incredible. … Down to eighth place at nationals could possibly be on the (Olympic) team.
I'm trying to think who other than Abbott/Lysacek/Weir this refers to... I guess Rippon, Carriere, Mroz and Bradley, which means I'm missing someone.

Johnny Weir:
The thing that I’m hoping to see come out of the Americans’ success is that we get … the respect of a real athlete and we aren’t thought of as just the boys who are doing the girls’ sport... I want people to see how difficult what we do is and have respect for the titles we bring home to our country.
I want people to be aware of how hard I work... I don’t have a team around me and I don’t have pads all over my body. I’m doing this by myself, on my own. And I want people to see how difficult that really is
Evan Lysacek:
It’s important that I don’t just promote myself but promote the entire men’s team
We have a breed of male skaters in this country that is so strong in the depth of technique, artistic interpretation (and) just overall strength… The men’s field in the United States right now is without a doubt the strongest it has ever been.
Emphasis mine, because I don't think that's true for all the US men.