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Thread: Sasha Cohen's performances: successes vs. failures

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    Sasha Cohen's performances: successes vs. failures

    I could get into more detail on the history of the placements, falls, etc., but has anyone else ever noticed that how well Sasha Cohen performs a program usually seems to correlate to the type of program it is? She always seems to flourish on energetic SP's and more dramatic LP's, specifically in those that she plays more of a "part." It seems like the more Sasha "acts" on the ice, almost portraying a character in some programs, the better she does. On the opposite hand, if the program is more bland, lacking a part to play or something to connect to, this seems to be when she falters the most. In some way, it's like the more the program allows Sasha to "be someone else" or forces a certain energy out of her to connect to the program, the more she is out of her own head and the better she performs. Her LP at Nationals is a perfect example of the type of program Sasha would fail on, there was nothing in it for her to connect to and nothing in the music to drive her to connect to the audience. Just an observation, has anyone else noticed the same thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethissoawesome View Post
    Just an observation, has anyone else noticed the same thing?
    It's been a topic for discussion for a long, long time. Hahahah.

    I used to dislike Sasha, no lie, but now, I find that I have respect for her. She still has the best I-spin (amateur OR professional) in the world, imo.

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    Sasha and Johnny Weir are my current favorites. So Sasha could never be a failure in my mind. I'm glad Rachael won with the performance she had but until Sasha came into the picture the ladies event did not interest me. She gave it the glam it needed. Thank you Sasha for making the ladies event interesting.

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