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One could also argue that S&P were overscored by the N.A. judges and that idiots Sandra Bezic and Scott Hamilton screaming to holy hell because they thought S&P had the gold created the scandal, and that the judge thing was the scapegoat. I don't think the judges has ever said that she believes S&P deserved to win the lp and if she did IMO she's not a very good judge.

What do you suggest needs cleaning up? Give the highest placement to the person who skates cleanest in the eyes of the general public because they are unable to perceive other elements of the program such as skating quality and difficulty of elements and grades of execution?
1. I never said the latter. I was arguing against it, and as a rule, I'm against the public deciding things like this

2. Was she simply a scapegoat? Because I recall her admitting that she was pressured to vote the way she did. Did that not happen? Has it been misrepresented, because if that's the case, I'd like to know.

3. FWIW, I think the long program in 2002 could've gone either way fairly. It went one way, unfairly.