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I hope she goes to Jr. Worlds because I think she could medal. Polina and Kanako will probably be the other two medalists but I thin Christina could potentially beat both of them, especially if Polina leaves out her 3-3 again and Kanako's jumps keep getting downgraded.

I am also interested to see how Angela Maxwell will do at nats, she's a great talent and in my mind was underscored last season. I don't know how Katrina Hacker managed to come in 5th without a flip or lutz in the SP or FS, she is beautiful though.
Gao beat Kanako and Polina? Hmm, I just can't see it. Her jumps are OK and she is cute enough to look at, but the "inbetweens" just are not up to the level of the rest of field. Even Baga's execution of her program content is so much better.

Having seen all of these ladies live - Kanako twice (lucky me) I just don't see why the "next one" is Gao.

And speaking of Angela - Maxwell over Gao everytime! Too bad Angela is injured. Hope she's better for JR World's!