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Thread: So What Do You Think of Patrick Chan's Chances at the Olympics?

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    I think he's going to finish off the podium, maybe 5th or 6th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickle View Post
    Why would you give up on Patrick Chan? He's one of the best, if not the best, skaters in the world. He's getting his groove back, and his confidence, and he'll do just fine at the Olympics.
    Totally agree~

    Quote Originally Posted by i love to skate View Post
    I like his chances just fine. He landed eight triples here, his footwork was out of this world, his spins were fantastic, and he had tonnes of speed and energy. With another full month of training he will be good to go.
    I was amazed by the improvement on his spins, super centering and speed, best of I've seen this season. I would like to point out his SP has more speed and power comparing with the one at Worlds. His speed just blows me away from the TV

    Quote Originally Posted by Ladskater View Post
    I am not giving up on Patrick Chan, but I did notice his sure footedness was not quite there. I think Kurt Browning sort of commented on that. He is a very confident skater, but to me does not seem ready for the upcoming Olympics. Then again I may be wrong. What do you think?
    I think he lost some sure-footedness on his jumps because he has way too much speed going into his jumps. That superior speed would cause some balancing problem and sometimes throw off the timing on the take-off. To be more sure-footed, he might need to slow down a bit before the take-off or to have the exact timing, this is really a trade-off.

    Patrick has all the tools to medal, he just has to perform as best as he can.
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