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Thank you.
Whenever Chan gets high scores, people will auto conclude that he's overscored. They never seem to see that Chan gets good scores on all other elements, the spins, the footwork, the speeds, the choreography etc.

I wish more people will see the score includes the WHOLE PACKAGE, not just JUMPS JUMPS JUMPS! Can they see beyond the jumps? It's hard to say!
Chan is not the only skater in the world that has good non-jump elements. And I think some fans get a little carried away and think that Chan is head and shoulders above any other skater in doing these non-jump elements. I love Chan, but the fact that he scored 2 points higher with his free skate than Abbott did (which was a bit overscored already) at US Nats with his respective free skate tells me that Chan was indeed very overscored, period. And 90 for his SP? You've got to be kidding if you don't think that's overscoring.