Those pictures are AWESOME! That's one thing I forgot to mention earlier today when I was posting, how incredible & fit she looks, simply put she is C U T! Reminiscent of Denise Biellmann in her pro days & even today!, as well as Joannie Rochette.

Lol, I've had a heck of a day trying to figure out a way for me & my 12 yr. old baby niece to attend the Ladies Final on Saturday. I went to orbitz to compare rates & the cheapest I could get is $259 roundtrip (which would be $518 for the both of us) via Alaska Airlines for Saturday only. The tickets aren't too bad via ebay, but the seats aren't great (aka section 201, nosebleed seats). And that's not counting incidentals (e.g. programs, souvenirs, concession food, taxi, etc.). Hmm, sounds like for one day only it would cost me $700+, so unfortunately looks like I will be watching it on IN. Darn, the rates at Amtrak are a whole lot better at only $58.50 x 2 = $117 roundtrip tickets for two, but the only glitch is that the earliest we would be able to board a train is at 8:50AM & then arrive in Spokane at 5:00PM, that's 8 hrs. 10 min., and the Ladies Final starts at 4:00PM! Darn, darn, darn, if only they had held it someplace closer to Seattle, like at the Tacoma Dome or over in Everett (where SOI is held). Heck, even that one place that's halfway between here & Spokane where I attended a pro/amateur competition back in 2000. Some far off place that only took me 3 1/2 hrs. to drive to (lol, speeding of course).

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