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Thread: Cohen's practice sessions updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PROKOFIEV View Post
    Sorry Silverlake22, I tuly believe that Sasha can beat Yuna. Actually, anyone can. I am not so fond of Yu-na's artistry, spins and spiral position at all. I believe it is mediocre level amongst world top skaters. I believe that Yu-na's 3-3 is the best in the world. But I feel that that is all she has. But this is my opinion and please do not get upset.
    Anyway good luck to all the skaters!!

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ITA with you. One of the reasons I haven't been following skating as closely is because of the sloppiness of the new ladies and Yu Na's form is mediocre compared to Sasha, Shizuka and Michelle Kwan. Quite frankly I don't get the excitement over her skating and her scores are very high in spite of her sloppy form on her spins and spirals.

    Yu Na has made a lot of mistakes in her GP events. I would take a mistake ridden Sasha program over a mistake ridden Yu Na program anyday. It would be interesting if Sasha makes it to the Olympics how her programs would compare to Yu Na and whether Yu Na would still pull those program component scores. The thing Sasha has over all the ladies is beautiful form and carriage on her moves. Even with the falls (and no lady is skating perfect programs) I think she would compare favorably with the top ladies.
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