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This thread is hysterical. After watching a couple of clips from a practice session at Nationals, there are some who believe Sasha Cohen will beat Yu-Na Kim. I have truly heard it all now. :chorus:
Noone says Sasha WILL or WILL not beat Yu-na. I am saying that Sasha has great quality in her skating that Yu-na does not have. And I believe that it is possible Sasha can beat Yu-na. Whether it is going to happen or not is all depends on how Sasha skates at Spokane and get an opportunity to go against Yu-Na at the Olympic.
That is all. Sasha does everything better than Yu-na except some jumps. And figure skating is not all about jumps. You all know that. You can laugh at Sasha fan like us all you want.
BTW Silverlake22 is the one who brought up Yu-na to this thread. It seems Silverlake is a very entusiastic fan of Yu-na.