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BTW, what happen to all the claims from some Sasha fans over the years that if she stands up no one can beat her. Evidently a little 16 y/o call Nagasu beat a Sasha who stood up.
I'm not sure who said vertical Sasha was unbeatable other than Scott Hamilton and I"m not sure that's what he said. (I try to tune him out, frankly. )

Anyway, Nagasu is hardly some "little 16 year old" from nowhere. She's a past US champ who's, IMO, the biggest talent in US skating apart from Sasha. It's very possible she'll win the whole thing and if she skated up to her potential (and others messed up) she could even medal in Vancouver.

Then again, who knows who will hit everything and who won't? I think she and Sasha are the perfect combo of innocent and experienced sheer talent and star power for Vancouver. But it all depends on how they skate tomorrow! :sheesh:

I've been very cautious not to predict anything where Sasha is concerned. My only beef has been with all those who were so eager to predict that she would fail utterly or not even show up. Some of them are apparently too busy to "show up" here and eat their crow.

What she's done is so risky and amazing. Somehow I'm thinking she'll do just fine with Moonlight Sonata. She's been skating it for a year in SOI so there's gotta be some comfort level there. (I know it's greatly revised, but still... "when she heard the familiar notes..." and all that.) Plus, I think the first skate had to be the hardest. GO, SASHA!!!!!