for me--it isn't a comeback for her-
a true comeback has to be from injury before the beginning of competition and not because or her (stated Injury) as it may.
sasha to me is being sasha -as i stated earlier past couple years-sasha was on the olympic team when she left in 2007--read through double talke.
i would be very surprised if they left her off the team.
why--no national champ has been left of the team -except for those during world war 1 and world war 2 when they didn't have olympics
also no world medalist has been left off the olympic team and the fact they
built up wagners scores by finishing 4th after gpf and zhang when she did it in 2007 her scores wasn't built up. stayed same.

i personnally believe the only reason sasha left is the usfsa told her back in 2007 if she left a spot on the olympic team was hers. sorry--but she skated well, but overmarked a bit i would have given her a 63 and rachel a 63, mirai a 68.
ashley a 56.
unless mirai and rachel skates clean --no matter what sasha does-she is on team.