Warmup Group 1
1 Tatyana Khazova, Broadmoor SC
2 Rebecca Stern, University of Delaware FSC
3 Rachael Flatt, Broadmoor SC
4 Alissa Czisny, Detroit SC
5 Samantha Cesario, SC of New York Inc

Warmup Group 2
6 Christina Gao, Northern Kentucky SC
7 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
8 Chelsea Morrow, Greater Grand Rapids FSC
9 Alexe Gilles, Broadmoor SC
10 Ellie Kawamura, All Year FSC
11 Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC

Warmup Group 3
12 Amanda Dobbs, Peninsula SC
13 Laney Diggs, All Year FSC
14 Melissa Bulanhagui, University of Delaware FSC
15 Sasha Cohen, Orange County FSC
16 Christina-Maria Sperduto, St Paul FSC
17 Beatrisa Liang, All Year FSC

Warmup Group 4
18 Emily Hughes, SC of New York Inc
19 Becky Bereswill, Houston FSC
20 Blake Rosenthal, SC of Wilmington Inc
21 Kayla Howey, DuPage FSC
22 Kristiene Gong, All Year FSC
23 Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington Inc

First group for Flatt and Czisny. Wish they skated later but this could be good for them... not to wait around too long and just go out there and Get 'er Done!