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For whoever hasn't seen this yet:

Domnina & Shabalin OD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vczTPSwF9do
Thanks for the link. My live feed was freezing during this part of the competition, so I didn't get the full effect the first time around. Thoughts:

This dance just simply isn't that technically difficult, and is definitely constructed to hide Maxim's knee issues. I thought multiple other couples had more technical content yet D/S are #3 in TES. My biggest gripe is their PCS--I wouldn't have given them much in the component scores above 7.00. There's no "meat" to this program, once you get pass the obnoxious music and costume packaging. I come away from this dance from the current "World Champions" feeling...well...scammed.

Big Picture, their lead in the CD of 5 points is maintained after the OD, when in my estimation it should have been whittled to zilch, or even had them out of first place. Ugh, the whole thing smells of a predetermined set-up.