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    Question New blade advice

    I am on an introductory adult synchronized skating team. I literally started skating at age 50 and have been doing synchro for 5 years. I have been skating in SP Terries (now 10 years old) on MK Vision Synchro Blades. I just ordered new custom Harlick synchro skates and am pondering what blade to put on them. I have found the synchro blade increasingly more uncomfortable for backward skating on the extremely short tail. At this point I am wondering whether to go back to a freestyle blade or maybe a dance blade. The ones I am considering are the Coronation Dance, MK Dance, Coronation Ace or MK Professional. Can anyone help me with some advice on this decision. Although I have been skating 12 years, because of my late start and non-athletic background, I remain an intermediate skater. In our team routines we do mostly 3-turns, mohawks, lunges and spins. I do not jump.

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    I am an adult synchro skater, too. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your choice of Harlick boots. I love my Harlicks and would never change boots.
    When I decided to do synchro I just started it on the same Phantom K's that I was using for freestyle. My opinion is that if you are unhappy with synchro blades, get some freestyle blades. Get something with the same profile as what you are skating on currently (for instance, going from a 7' to an 8' can be quite an adjustment. FWIW, a lot of skaters on my team use Aces, but several of us still think flinging ourselves in the air is fun occasionally, so many of us have Phantoms in one form or another.
    Ask your coach, ask your team members, ask your boot fitter. Blade$ are lot$ of money and you should consider and consult with people that know your skating and whose advice you trust.
    Synchro rocks!

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    Dance blades have a short heel as well. Sychro blades were adapted from dance blades - not from freeskate blades - because so many sychro skaters were using dance blades that the manufacturers decided their was a market for a similar blade targeting the sychro skaters.

    If you want a longer tail then go for a mid-range freeskate all-purpose blade like Four Aces or Coronation Ace.

    Word of caution for dance blades like MK dance -- they are designed to pitch you slightly forward, which takes a bit of getting used to. I went from Pattern's to MK dance and was surprised at the difference. I lugged around three pairs of skates at the time - and it was always a bit funny for the first few minutes on a different pair of blades. Now I prefer my dance blades and whenever I switch to skates with Gold Seal blades - I am afraid I will trip over the heel and much bigger toe pick!

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