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Just like you didn't have much faith in her showing up, didn't have much faith in her skating a decent SP? She's there, she's in good shape, she didn't show up to barely make it through a LP.

Despite the fear of jinxing my favorite skater in the history of skating, I'm gonna stick my neck out with the following order:

Sasha - Hits it out of the park this time.
Rachael - Skates clean despite having to follow Sasha
Ashley - Skates all out (she has nothing to lose)
Mirai - Crushes under pressure

Rachael may surprise us and not skate clean, in which case, Ashley takes second and wins her spot on the Olympic team, but she has a huge point gap to leap.
Mirai has the best coach, I think, for learning to skate under pressure, so I have much hope that will not happen.