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Penalties of URs, wrong edge Take-offs, and Falls are all out-of-line, and should be reviewed for more rationalities.

WETs do not disrupt the program, but they've lost the name of the jump and the counter rotation if they are involved in a lutz or walley.

URs do not disrupt the program if they do not Fall.

Falls do indeed disrupt a program.

ToeAxels, and BodyTurn Toe Loops are weird.
I really hate the disruption argument many people make. Incorrect technique is an error and should be penalized. Even though mistakes can be estherically pleasing doesn't mean they shouldn't be penalized. Other sports with judged competitions all hand out penalties for incorrect technique, even though the errors may still be esthetically pleasing. In fact, I was watching Caroline skate once with a friend and my friend asked if her difficult variation (read mule kick) gained more points. Because she thought the mule kick looked good, should it not be granted - GOE??