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Sorry, but you have no understanding of CoP if you (and Janetfan) think it's allowable to UR 3 jumps and win anyway based on spins and spirals.

Look at the protocols and you can see where Mirai lost points by URing.


But Mirai did not rotate all her jumps, and she lost about 15 points in the process, so she did not win.

Get over it.
I am over whatever it is you are imagining .
I have seen the LP several times and agree with Carroll. The urs were bogus.

I only see one not three. In fact, it is easy to see Mirai had the cleaner jumps.

It is only a matter of watching as opposed to be being a blind follower of Speedy's "expert" tech caller.

Earlier this season Jenny Kirk said the same thing, and I take her word over most posters at GS. Listening to Scott call the program he only mentioned one possible ur - the last jump. Scott also said Flatt had a messy jump too. So they each had a less than stellar jump. For the rest of the jumps Mirai's were better.

Despite the fact that their pcs were a virtual tie I found Mirai superior in most of the pcs. I did not think it was a tie or even close. Far from close actually.

This is just a major and total difference of opinion. I feel OK knowing many other fans here feel the same way.

Chuck is right, it is time to get over it. I will support both Ladies in Vancouver but will naturally enjoy Mirai's skating more.
I do hope they both can skate well and enjoy their Olympic experience. I suspect Mirai will have another one in 2014 but doubt that Flatt will so I particularly hopes she enjoys it.

I admire Rachael, think she is a terrific and accomplished young lady. I am just not a fan of her skating.