Chuckm, please stop taking potshots at janetfan. He is not attacking you in any way but raising important questions and making excellent points. There is nothing to be gained by trying to silence critics of this decision. And I really hope you are not trying to argue that only experts have the right to opinions on this forum. (I would have to run for the hills.)

Personally I don't care for conspiracy theories or the idea of 30-year-old grudges (janetfan, are you a mystery writer? ). But all this controversy does raise again the question of the power vested in one person, the tech caller. Joesitz used to post about this a lot. Anyone, however expert, can make mistakes. It seems this power should be less concentrated.

Also - ITA with janetfan that publicizing the tech calls in real time would lead to a lot of dissatisfaction... and confusion. Commentators who truly understand COP and are getting live feed from the tech caller would help, though.