Here's what I think:

1. Obviously we have judges for a reason. This is not a popularity contest, there are rules, there is protocol, and the judging must adhere to those rules.

2. If they are going to slam some skaters for UR, they need to be consistent and call every UR from every skater. Otherwise the protocol is not applied fairly and it skews the scoring.

3. The tendency of judges to hyper-inflate the points for non-jump elements from skaters who consistently jump well needs to stop. Rachael should have been docked hard for some of those horrid spin positions. They were not even average.

4. Scott should not have declared Mirai the winner on National television before he knew the results. That's just basic common sense for all commentators.

5. IMO, Mirai should have won. But in the end, all this arguing isn't going to change a thing, and the same two skaters would be going to the Olympics regardless. Flatt and Nagasu both deserve to be Olympians.