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Thread: Championship Ladies FS

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    Several ladies do 3T+3T: Sarah Hecken (GER), Laura Lepisto (FIN), Elena Glebova (EST), Alena Leonova (RUS), Ksenia Makarova (RUS), Elene Gedavanishvili (GEO). These ladies aren't always successful with it, though. Sometimes the combo winds up being 3T+2T, or occasionally it gets < on the second jump.

    Joannie Rochette used to do 3T+3T several seasons back, but she was only about 50% successful with it. Apparently she gave up on it and instead was working on 3F+3T, but she attempted that just twice in competition, falling on it once and getting the 3T downgraded the other time. Since then her focus has been on skating clean programs, since so many of the other top ladies were getting URs on their 3/3s anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    The fact is (what fun to say that ) that you do not know what Mirai is thinking.

    The fact is you believe whatever Speedy's tech callers decide is a good or bad jump and i dont.

    The fact is they have been known to make mistakes.

    The fact is Carroll knows more than you do.

    The fact is saying "the fact is" is not convincing and proves nothing.

    Have a good evening. Thanks for some of your comments which I enjoyed and found informative.
    Quote Originally Posted by Layfan View Post
    Doesn't it bother you that CoP rewards "horrid" spirals? I haven't paid that much attention to Emily's spirals. But from they way they seem to strike you it seem like you even want to look away while she is doing them. Something wrong with a system that rewards moves that make fans cringe.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ice&Glass View Post
    ...even with all those downgrades I would love to watch Mirai's wonderful LP over and over again whereas I will probably never EVER replay rachael's LP.
    I think this surely tells something.
    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    That is interesting and should be so obvious. I think it is one of the problems with the new system. It might be a matter of taste - or questionable taste - as many CoP loyalists don't mind these "horrid" looking positions.

    The loss of skating's popularity is unquestionably due to major defects in the IJS.
    Casual fans have NO interest in seeing ugly spins and are smart enough to know that a jump that is rotated - and then goes splat - and still receives points is absurd.

    The systeme is still new and to their credit ISU realizes it has many weaknesses which is why they have to keep changing it every season. Sooner or later they might get it right but code of points or not - it is and always will be not only subjective but also comparitive.

    Therein lies the problem - as many can't compare Mirai and Rachael's skating without favoring Mirai.
    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    Akiko landed 7 triples and lost to Yuna and Miki who only landed four at the GPF.

    I am sure there are many more examples of this.

    I thought the whole point of the CoP was that the one with the most jumps would not necessarily win as the other elements would count for more.

    When the CoP rates the skaters as equal in the other elements then the one with the most jumps will win.

    But CoP doesn't always show who has better spins, speed across the ice, spirals, etc - does it?
    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    Mirai won that by 1 point. No real contrast and basically a tie.

    That issue happens to be the lead editorial article at Blazing Blades today.

    Like many here they noticed a difference in the skill level between Mirai and Rachael in certain pcs which was in no way reflected in the marks.

    Rachael won the jumps and was scored as Mirai's equal in everything else...
    ITA with all the above. 'Nuff said.

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    No, NOT 'nuff said. All of you know, Scott Hamilton knows, Sandra Bezic knows, that entire audience knows - Everyone knows - that if Ashley hits the too-big TL , she would have won at least the 2nd spot to Vancouver. Mathman knows this, RD knows this, Janetfan knows this. Ashley skated the most visually beautiful, spectacular short and long programs. If we had had the usual 3 spots, Ashley would be going to Vancouver. It's a crying shame what fate has dealt Ashley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsteam4501s View Post
    If we had had the usual 3 spots, Ashley would be going to Vancouver. It's a crying shame what fate has dealt Ashley.
    As I pointed out earlier, this is ironic because after all, Wagner WAS on the US World team that first lost 3 spots (2008). She was the highest placed at Nats yet the lowest placed at Worlds (16th). If there were 3 spots in 2009, possibly Flatt/Zhang/Czisny would have been the team, and everyone was crowing how Zhang and Flatt could possibly have gotten those 3 spots (in reality, we'll never know).
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