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I hope that 95.20 is enough for NavBom to stay in 3rd please.
As do I but I am let down that S&G won't be in the final warm up group. They have one of my favorite FD's this season.

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....As for Tessa and Scott, I think they are no match for Meryl and Charlie. They had an absurdly high score considering that she almost fell twice. And not only did so because the Scott held her.

I guess that's the thing about being figureskating fans. There are as many different opinions as there are skaters and posters.

I can see the argument over B&A and D&W but D&W are better than V&M? Just in skating skills alone there is a difference in favor of V&M. Or at least there should be.

I suppose part of putting together a package for their skaters is to maximize their strengths and downplay any weaknesses and Shpilband/Zoueva have defintely done that. D&W do continue to work and improve but others have as well. With one admittedly amazing OD team D&W have been able to give the illusion that they are far better than they actually are. My hat's off to Igor and Marina. Out of the two teams with pretty equal skates IMHO V&M should be ahead but clearly the judges agree with you.

Or maybe it's because I was never a huge D&W fan in the first place rather I am a fan of several of their programs. This season is making me feel the same way about D&W that I felt about K&N during the 07/08 season.

I won't even get into the trashing of B&A's work ethic and competitive record other than to say I disagree and it's a shame Tanith and Ben (who have worked just as hard as D&W for the dance program) are being seen as the bad guys by some and in some cases have been getting the Russian #1 treatment.