1. It's interesting how people view this. In a previous discussion, jcoates mentioned that he felt because D/W trained with V/M and B/A, that their skills were generally underrated from the get-go.

2. Positive marks on D/W's twizzles is disappointing, but definitely a national thing.

3. Interesting that D/W weren't able to get the levels on the steps. Zoueva mentioned they focused a lot on the compulsories post-GPF, so that probably brought them back a little. Their PCS are huge despite that (again, the complex choreography and connection to the audience they have really works).

4. Dyan, I understand why they made the move, and I think most people do as well. My vacuum comment has more to do with the fact that while it helped them improve their basic skating skills (they had their best result at Worlds since the Olympics under Linichuk), it didn't work out as well as they'd hoped. V/M and D/W, who had been outpointing them on TES as soon as they became seniors saw their PCS catch up these past couple seasons. Concurrently, DomShabs were forced (for all intents and purposes) to go to Linichuk at the same time, and given that these two were N/K's heir apparents in Russia, B/A still got overshadowed. While their work ethic and improvements are commendable, the fact that they WD from two GPFs and a Nationals within just over a year has haunted them as D/W were winning with commanding scores. Did D/W benefit from WDs? Absolutely.

5. It ain't over til it's over. B/A are showing vigour and fight. While I think their OGM hopes are all but gone if they don't win Nationals, I wouldn't corronate anyone just yet.