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Thread: UR call question

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    UR call question

    In recent comps, I had difficulty figuring out some of the UR calls and I would appreciate insights from those who have better knowledge.

    - Mao's second 3A at 4CC. It looked as it if were URed and slightly two-footed, but wasn't called. The commentator was pretty unsure about this one. I saw her 3As looking a lot cleaner and less tight in landing called before.

    - Sasha's 3L-2T in SP and most of her two-footed jumps in LP. The rotation looked very tight and she needed to two-foot. There was even a big two-foot with her leg spreaded forward on the ice. But none of them was called.

    - Rachael's 3-3 in LP not called.

    I guess I tend to "see" URs when the landing was not clean (esp. two-footed). Many of the times, such jumps do get called. But I have trouble understanding why some of them are not.

    I'd appreciate it if someone could help me understand better.
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