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People seriously liked Evan's and Jeremy's?

Jeremy's wasn't bad, but his shirt was a disaster. It kept bunching in his shoulders so he looked like a hunchback. It was a serious costume malfunction. Besides that the program did nothing for me.

Evan... well I can't say much about that, he fell and almost fell again... that's not supposed to happen in Gala performances. I can't believe Scott would rather have him on SOI than Johnny.

Johnny was the absolute star of the evening. I've seen every performance of "Poker Face" and that was his best. Amazing. That's what an Exhibition is supposed to be FUN, and to show off your best talents and personality.

S/B were also fun with their Disco, and Mirai was adorable as usual. All the Ice Dancers were good. Johnny was the best man. I don't like Rachael at all.

Oh yes and Nathan Chan was the cutest thing ever. Peter and the Wolf, so cute. I can't believe he'll only be 18 in 2018! He's a genius. The next Brian Boitano?
Well, you know, Johnny Weir never in his career once did anything for me.