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Thread: Dream Vancouver Podiums

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    I think Evan has a good chance with at least silver providing he doesn't mess up. I mean, he gets huge points from ISU judges even in a program with flaws. We have really seen what Lambiel could do, plus he's injured. Isn't Joubert injured as well?

    Personally, I can't stand either Pluschenko's programs or personality. I'd rather see Evan win the gold at the Olympics.

    Patrick as in Patrick Chan? Why not any Japanese men?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fairly4 View Post
    usoc has came out with article about who they think will win--men- gold evgeny, silver -evan bronze patrick,
    dance davis and white gold, silver dominin and shablin silver and virtue and moir -bronze, pair-zhen zhou gold, german team 2nd and pang and tong 3rd,women yu-na gold, mao silver and miki third.
    Olympic Committee has come out with a potential podium?? Huh?? What 's this???

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    Here's my dream podium

    Gold: S/Z We would have a fairy tale ending for them
    Silver: S/S I their "Out Of Africa" LP but they will come up short
    Bronze: P/T Wuzrobbed in Torino, deserve a medal

    Gold: Stephane Lambiel Too bad he gave up on his 3A but everything else is swoonworthy
    Silver: Jeremy Abbott If he perform the same way he did at Nationals, he's in
    Bronze: Daisuke Takahashi Always loved the guy and just with "La Stada"

    As a matter of fact, any of the 3 winning gold would be great!

    Ice Dance
    Gold & Silver: V/M or D/W Do we need to ask why? Team Marina & Igor all the way!
    Bronze: B/A I wanna see a NA sweep

    I would've placed Del/Sch for bronze but I'm afraid they're gonna be rusty from the nearly 15-month layoff.

    Gold: Yu-Na Kim She's gonna skate 2 clean programs. Mark my words!
    Silver: Joannie Rochette Love "S&D" and if she performs the same way as she did at Nationals, she might give Yu-Na a run
    Bronze: Mao Asada Since none of us can't convince her to leave TAT or to change that costume, I just hope she finishes the season on a high note. No DGs on those 3As!

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    For Men's I'm dreaming of a tri-continental podium; something like:
    1. Abott
    2. Lambiel
    3. Oda
    But I like so many other guys too.. I'm not a fan of Plushenko (but my friend who I'm going to be watching the Olympics with loves him) and Evan (deservedly world champ last year; this year; someone else with more artistry and less hideous costumes pwetty pwease).

    For Ladies: I'm hoping that not all of the podium are Asian. Not because I don't like Asians, that'd be a silly reason; just because I like to have more continents in the mix; but an all Asian podium is at this point quite likely, and it would be fair since it would reflect their dominance during the past quad. Still; I hope at least one North-American or European fights her way to the podium. I wouldn't mind if it were Carolina Kostner; I know she's been inconsistent, but it would be so cool if she delivered when it counted. Or Joannie Rochette; I liked last season's programs better, but if she can skate a LP like she did at Japan Open; I say give her the medal!!!!

    Oh; and I would like Akiko to be on the podium

    For Dance: I would love for V/M to win and for Delobel/Schoenfelder to medal!

    For Pairs: I love the German team's programs; I think they're so artistic and have an amazing quality to their skating; but competition is going to be fierce...
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    Here's my (realistic) dream podium:


    1) Brian (surprise, surprise ^^)
    2) Stéphane
    3) Tomas

    I'd like Dai to come fourth too, and maybe Oda and Chan following.


    1) Yu-Na Kim
    2) Mao Asada
    3) Hesitating between Carolina and Miki


    1) S/Z
    2) S/S
    3) P/T

    Ice dancing

    It's quite tough. I definitly want D/W on their. For Del/Schoes, it depends on their program. I'm not too keen on V/M or B/A and Dom/Shabs even less so. I like P/B and K/K. K/N aren't as good this year as they usually are.

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    Women gold Mao Asada
    silver Yuna Kim
    bronze Joannie Rochette

    Men gold Daisuke Takahashi
    silver Jeremmy Abott
    bronze Takahiko Kozuka

    Pairs gold Xhen Shao
    silver Pang Tong
    bronze Zhangs

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    Just dreams!
    1. Mao
    2. Akkiko
    3. Caroline Zhang (I know, she won't be at the Olympic, but it's just a dream)

    1. Lambiel
    2. Chan
    3. Verner

    1. Shen/Zhao
    2. Aliona/Robin

    Ice dance:
    1. Tessa/Scott
    2. Davis/White
    3. Capellini/Lanotte (They have no chance, but I love them)

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    1 Sarah Meier (I cannot believe only 2 people mentioned her so far
    2 Joannie
    3 Racheal Flatt (I actually like her)

    1 Lambiel
    2 Abbott
    3 Chan
    Although I would love to fit some other guys on the podium too - Verner, Oda, Brezina

    I would like to see 4 pairs on the podium...
    S/Z, S/S, D/D, Vol/Mor
    I am not sure about order, but I guess S/Z not winning gold would be a disappointment for them. I do not love S/S, but they are great and deserve a medal. V/M - SHE is gorgeous. And so unlucky in her career! So I want them to medal, he retires and she wins gold in Sochi

    1) Del/Sch
    2) V/M (that was a tough choice not putting them in the first place, but I want them to do so in Sochi!!)
    3) D/W

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    1) Kawaguchi & Smirnov
    2) Savchenko & Szolkowy
    3) Pang & Tong (They deserve a spotlight after all these years!)

    Belbin & Agosto? I kinda like them and they're the only pair I can name after 4 years of not following ice dance!

    1) Takahashi
    2) Abott
    3) Joubert

    1) Ando
    2) Kim
    3) Nagasu

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    Dream podium
    1. Mao and Yuna (I know there is no tie, but I want both of them to win)
    2. Joannie and Miki
    3. Akiko, Caro, and Mirai
    I wouldn't mind other ordering or any other people.

    1. Verner
    2. Takahashi and Joubert
    3. Chan and Nobu
    I wouldn't mind other ordering or other people here as well.
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    I don't predict or do dream podiums for the men, so as not to jinx my favorites (and besides, I'm sure everyone can guess who's on my dream podium ). The other disciplines I watch for fun, so I can just go ahead:

    1. Yu-Na Kim
    2. Carolina Kostner, but with a good LP. not a hot mess like in 2008 Worlds.
    3. Mao Asada
    I also want Julia Sebestyen to do well and to improve on her best Olympic result (8th in SLC).

    1. Savchenko/Szolkowy
    2. Shen/Zhao; I'd have put them first if they had better programs.
    3. Mukhortova/Trankov

    1. Delobel/Schoenfelder
    2. Virtue/Moir
    3. Faeilla/Scali, because I like their OD and their FD, which is more than I can say for most teams this season. I'm aware this is an unlikely result.

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    in men:
    1.stephane lambiel
    2. Patrick Chan
    3. Jeremy Abbott

    In ladies:

    1. Yu-Na Kim
    2. Mao-Asada

    In pairs:

    1. Shen and Zhao
    2. Pang and Tong

    In ice dance:

    1. Davis and White

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    Let's see... my dream podiums:

    1- Yu-Na Kim
    2- Sarah Meier
    3- Joannie Rochette

    1- Stephane Lambiel
    2- Daisuke Takahashi
    3- Jeremy Abbott/ Johnny Weir/ Nobunari Oda / Javier Fernandez (why not? )

    (love all of them, and I fear none of them will be on the podium )

    1- Savchenko/Szolkowy
    2- Shen/Zhao
    3- Mukhortova/Trankov

    Ice dance
    1- Kerrs
    2- Davis/White
    3- Virtue/Moir

    Dreaming is free... sigh

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    With jinxing in the air,

    A certain Japanese and a certain American men on the podium
    Georgia's first olympic medal in figure skating! Wow.
    Canadians and Americans medaling in dance (and staying for another 4 years)
    Germans and Russians on the podium in pairs

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