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Thread: 4CC Entrants

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    4CC Entrants

    Check out:

    Looks like this will not be a preliminary event before the Olympics. There are no big names going to Korea. Could be the closeness between the event and the Olys itself or just the long travel for non Asian countries.

    On a brighter side, it should make for an interesting competition of 2nd tier skaters.

    Go Hubbells!

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    Are Mao and Akiko still planning on attending?
    This would be the perfect competition for Mao...relatively no challenge from anyone...well possibly Akiko could win if Mao has one of her UR melt downs, but this would probably be one of her first competitions where she is not facing that much pressure. Nationals are over, shes going to the OG, so now she can just relax and skate.

    I am hoping for a bit of redemption for Caroline Zhang...although with Nationals just ending this past weekend...I'm not too confident that she would be able to perform well with the Ladies SP starting this Weds. :-(

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    I still think Caroline should not be competing. She is injured and has a lot of issues to work out at home. Why bother with 4CC?

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    Question Dancers

    Just wondered why Kim Navarro/Brent Bommentre did not go to 4CC, thanks

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