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Thread: Random Dance Thoughts

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    Random Dance Thoughts

    I started out with just the one Dom&Shab query and then found myself writing more so i've called this thread random dance thoughts which is on the back of Euros.

    I was just wondering something. Now I know that Dom&Shab are everyone's favourite punching bag lately, but i genuinely scratched my head when they did their opening lift in the FD where Max clearly held on to the roap around Oksana's waist in the lift.

    How on earth can that be a legal lift? If it is legal surely the one arm shouldn't get a feature since he was effectively holding onto a handle on her costume?

    Does anyone (and by anyone i hope Doris will help out ) know the basis on which that is allowed, and if it is, then surely all the other teams should think about getting straps sewn onto their costumes to assist with the lifts.

    More generally on dance - i find myself getting extremely bored watching dance on television, I think it is the discipline that translates the least well to television. Watching live, you really get a sense of the speed, depth of edge and ice coverage which are all essential in dance and I think not having that on television takes out all the watchability for me.

    One final thing - I really hate those lifts that have the woman constantly moving around the man, like (i think ) Pechelat& Bourzat's lift where he holds one position (possibly in a spread) and she sort of moves around him - maybe through his legs and up to his shoudles round the back (i'm not remembering or describing it well). It might be hard but it's not pretty. It looks like she's a giant insect crawling around on his body
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