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Thread: Podium Predictions

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    1. S & Z
    2. S & S
    3. K & S

    I'm really rooting for S & Z!


    1. Plushenko
    2. Abbott
    3. Lysacek

    What an amazing event this will be! I think Plushenko will win. I just don't think anyone else can match his mental toughness, jump consistency, and, most importantly, quad/triple combination. I know he doesn't match up to some of the other guys in terms of difficult transitions and complex choreography. However, he has, in spades, what some of the other men lack: Sheer, undeniable charisma. That "you-can't-take-your-eyes-off-him" quality. I'm predicting Abbott & Lysacek for the other two spots, but really it could also be any of the following: Lambiel, Oda, Takahashi, Joubert, Weir, Chan, Kozuka. I would love to see Johnny Weir end his career with an Olympic medal and am personally rooting for him, but doubt it will happen.


    1. Davis & White
    2. Virtue & Moir
    3. Belbin & Agosto

    I'm so looking forward to this competition. What an event. If the competition is judged fairly, Davis & White should win. Their OD and FD are both spectactular dances. Their speed, skill, and difficulty are absolutely the best in the field in my opinion. I know many people think Virtue & Moir are as good as or better than Meryl & Charlie, but I just simply disagree. To me, Scott & Tessa are slower, they are less well matched physically, their programs are less inventive and dynamic, and I also feel that Tessa's posture and flexibility through her back is not as good as Meryl's. (I'm sure I will be denounced vehemently by V/M fans for saying this. It is just my opinion.) I would love to see Tanith & Ben win bronze. I honestly think their dances this year are very solid and well delivered. In another year, against weaker competition, they might have won; but I just don't think they can match the difficulty of D/W and V/M. This podium is what I believe I should happen, but of course there is always the chance that politics will rear its ugly head, as it did last year at Worlds, and we could see Dom/Shab or Del/Schoes on or at the top of the podium. I think both of the top European teams are extremely talented, but let's face it, neither is at the top of their game at this point.


    1. Asada
    2. Kim
    3. Flatt

    I feel like this event is the hardest to predict. Also, to be honest, I'm the least interested in it. None of the ladies has had an outstanding season, and none of them really has the complete package that I like to see in a ladies' champion. Despite all the hype about Yu-Na Kim, I just don't find her all that amazing. Yes, she has nice programs, great speed, and good presentation. However, her spins are nothing special, and she can only consistently land 3 triple jumps: Lutz, Salchow, and toe. Plus, of course, she's facing so much pressure. Yu-Na is absolutely the strong favorite, yet I also feel she's very beatable, if someone else can just manage to put together two clean programs (which seems extremely difficult for the ladies these days).

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    1. Plushenko
    2. Lysachek
    3. Lambiel/Jourbert

    Plushenko seems unbeatable at this point. Seems is the operative word. If he continues to bring his A-game I don’t think anyone will be able to catch him. However, if he slips up (no pun intended) I think it will be anyone’s game. That said, I think it will go as predicted above. Despite Lysachek’s issues this season he is a fighter. I think he will fight for a spot on the podium and will get one. Lambiel is still new to the game after a four year leave. I think he’ll still be a bit rusty. If Jourbert continues to have problems, he and Lambiel will fight it out for the bronze.


    1. Asada
    2. Kim
    3. Rochette/Ando

    Yuna Kim is a beautiful skater with the full package, but she does have flaws, and we’ve seen this type of skater before. The Olympics does strange things to those ladies with the full package, and its not helping matters that this will be her first Olympics. I think Kim will continue the trend of the ladies favorite in the past few Olympics. She will have some issues, or she will be outskated. I know Mao has had her issues this season, but I think she will pull herself together and do what she needs to do to win. Rochette will thrive off the home town support and do well. Ando could sneak in for the bronze if Rochette have problems.


    1. Shen/Zhao
    2. Pang/Tong
    3. Savchenko/Szozkowy

    S/S have been having a rough go of it this season. I think it will continue at the Olympics. Shen/Zhao and Pang/Tong’s Olympic experience is a stronger than S/S. I think this will help the two Chinese teams tremendously.

    Ice Dancing – I don’t watch much Ice Dancing, but I’m hoping for:

    1. Belbin/Agosto
    2. Virtue/Moir
    3. Domina/Shabalin
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