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    Free Dance

    Wasn't able to find a live feed. But has anybody noticed the results:

    2- Hann-McCurdy/Coreno
    3- Hubbell/Hubbell

    Congrats to the medalists!

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    Nice to see the Canadian teams finish 1-2-3 in the free dance. Asher and Hill should have a clear message what they need to spend more time on (CD and OD) if they are to challenge for a medal at Nationals next year.

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    W/P were great in this competition. Two amazing programs right there. PJ had a really poignant comment yesterday about how it was something of a blessing in disguise for them to just miss out on going to the Olympics as a major world title under their belts, even during an Olympic season, will likely be worth more to their future competitive careers than top fifteen at the Olympic games.
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    Anyone know what happened to the Chinese team who were in medal contention and then 7th in the FD segment??

    Did they fall a couple of times or something? That's a pretty big drop.

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    Yeah, I think they were the ones who fell. She fell once and he stumbled, IIRC.

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    I loved seeing Kaitlin Weaver singing Oh Canada on the podium - she knows all the words!!

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