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Thread: Olympic Practice Session

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    Olympic Practice Session

    I want to try to get the tickets...but I have no idea how does the practice session work, it says 7am til 1pm, that's like 6 hours. I don't think I can sit there for 6 hours...

    So my question is...

    Do the skaters normally have a schedule? I want to see some skaters...but how do I know when they will show up? Do they post their schedule somewhere for people to see? Or you are just trying your luck to see who will show up and who won't?

    Detail about how it works will be appreciated.


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    I have tickets to the practice sessions - two of them VANOC has stated that they have no control over who shows up and there won't be a list where you can see who is coming. You enter at 7am and you are there until 1pm - I think if you leave you can't get back in. This is understandable because the practices are sold out and it is going to be a zoo in there. How are you getting tickets? Did they release more of them or are you buying them off of someone? Anyways, hope this helps!

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