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Thread: Will Suzuki, Mirai, and Rachael get better PCS at the Oly than earlier this season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeineZeite View Post
    Mirai, Personally, I feel "Wow" factor for Mirai's performance at the Nats, but does it nothing to do with PCS?
    Besides, her order of the SP at the Oly is at the early stage, so I do not think she can earn a good PCS, I am afraid.

    Sometimes, I feel what is PCS for? It is a peculiar "privilege" for the elite skaters at the top 5 ranking.
    Start orders are already up? Where?

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    No start orders are up. The Olympics will NOT use the ISU method (grouping by ISU Ranking) but instead random selection will determine start order. So at this point, no one is at an advantage or a disadvantage due to past results.

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