I read about it at the site of L'Equipe the other day and now it has made it to Russian news


Both say pretty much the same [Both are pretty much done by translator since my French has gone rusty and I don't know Russian]

The French article:

The ghost of the "Icegate"

One week before the Games begin, a North American offensive has been launched where Russian Evgeni Plushenko and Brian Joubert could pay the price of it. As a proof, sixty judges and officials worldwide have received an e-mail from the American Joseph Inman, international judge. Some lines of said message were published by L'Equipe on Friday.

A message rather cautious but clear. It insinuates that the Europeans could suffer more than usually on a particular sector favored by the North Americans, the artistic mark and transitions. History to compensate their nervousness over their jumps. This is not the first time a judge has "set fire" on the eve of the Olympics. In 2002, this had led to the scandal in Salt Lake City, after the pairs competition. "We will react, but we will not give more importance to this email than it deserves," says Didier Gailhaguet, president of the FFSG. "It just proves that the North American lobbying is on his way. "

The russian article

"American judge has asked to assess performance of figure skater E. Plushenko stricter"

Vancouver, Canada. A week before the Olympic Games, figure skating American judge Joseph Iman has began baiting European athletes in particular, Russia's Evgeny Plushenko and Frenchman Brian Joubert.

Inman sent letters by e-mail to 60 international referees and officials. The North American specialist urged his colleagues to judge European slaters stricter at the Olympics. Inman believes that athletes from the Old World use too many artistic techniques to help hide their rather weak jumps.

"Of course, we can not ignore the message of our colleague. However, this does not mean that all the judges at the Olympics will start to evaluate athletes in a different way. Inman letter proves the existence of a North American lobby in figure skating," - said in interview to l'Equipe, the President of the French federation Didier Gailhaguet

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There's something I don't understand or maybe the translator got it wrong for me, but it says that the judges say Plush and Joubert have weak jumps?? Weak jumps? Them?

I like that Gailhaguet is taking notice but won't really a big deal about this unless of course something obvious happens. No word on Pissiev yet.