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Mathman, I suspect that the problem with the comment is that it's likely been translated twice: into French/Russian from English for the L'Equipe, and then back to English. I wouldn't dismiss concerns based on an odd turn of phrase.
So l'Equipe never saw the actual email, but only a translation of a translation of it? With an extra sentence tacked on after the "Ciao, Joe?" Then (as Seniorita put it ) they transferred it to an ancient papyrus to make it look authentic?

Did the newspaper interview any of the 60 people who actually recieved this email? Did they call Mr. Inman for comment? Did they make up some phony 5-year-old drug results, as Janetfan reminded us about in the Lance Armstrong situation? Did any other newspaper anywhere in the world do an investigation or write a story about this (not counting just copying the l'Equipe article) :thumbsdown: