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Thread: Time Magazine On-line picks 11 "Olympians to watch"

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    Evan not my poster boy.

    Johnny all the way!

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    Since there are several posters who have voiced objections to a US news magazine spotlighting American athletes for its American readers, I'd like to know which foreign news magazines are telling its readers to be sure & watch the American athletes at the Olympics rather than athletes from their own country?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurora100 View Post
    I think in this case they meant "robotic" as in machine like precision, consistent and error free, as much as much is possible in a sport like figure skating.
    I agree. In this context, it seems a sort of compliment about Yuna's amazing skating technique that is consistent, perfect , clean and precise.
    Most skate lovers basically know Yuna is a rare mixture of superb technique & brilliant artistry. Here, it just put empasis on her perfect skating skills
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