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What does falling in love on the ice have to do with you deserving gold? B/S were in love before they became partners on the ice and fell out of love if you read Anton's interview, because they paired up. But they were still a far more beautiful team than S/Z will ever dream of being. Natalia and Artur were clearly not in love, but were one of the most passionate teams around. Then there's Tatiana and Morozov, they ARE in love but most of us agree that she would be way better off with another on ice partner, because his skating is not up to her standards.

I don't Aliona and Robin's lack of a romantic relationship makes them less deserving. And I think they are very artistic. In many ways they have been far more innovative than S/Z skating to all kinds of different music and embracing all kinds of diifferent styles. S/Z in contrast I think have only found artistry by skating to one style. I liked S/Z but really I don't think they are the best pairs team of all time. There's a reason S/P and B/S beat them all the time.

And all the teams go through stuff. You don't think it was difficult for Aliona to move to a country where she didn't know the language at her age? Or for Robin, to grew up as black athlete in East Germany? (Although he says he experienced no racism) In an article, they talked about how Robin almost quit the sport because he couldn't find a decent partner. They all work and try hard, all of these pairs.