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Thread: Sad news: Luger dies in crash

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    A Sad Pre- Opening - Georgia May Withdraw

    Tragically 21 yr. old Nodar Kumaritashvili - Luge : Georgia ,was killed in his second training run today . Georgia is considering withdrawing it's team. I couldn't find a link for some reason..but it will be everywhere any time now.

    How heartbreaking. no-one should ever forget what these athletes put on the line.
    Edit : Sorry ..noticed after the fact that this was posted in the non- skating section...

    What a terrible thing ..the emotional anguish the other Georgian athletes must be feeling..their friend and teammate and their own Olympic dreams gone in a flash..all the attendant grief, and the confused emotions it's all dreadful.

    From a skating centric POV, I'm sending thought s of caring and strenghth to Elene.
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